Comfort, Clarity, Confidence: The Importance of Proper Hearing Aid Fitting

When the time comes to get your hearing aids, it might at first seem like a lot of admin and expense for something that is, today, available over the counter. However, if you skip the visit to the audiologist, you are almost certainly not getting the most out of your new hearing device. Hearing is a very personal experience, so it’s difficult to make a one-size-fits-all that actually lives up to the label.

A hearing aid specialist does more than check your hearing and make recommendations based on your hearing needs and lifestyle. A professional hearing aid fitting is essential to many years of happy hearing. There are three main reasons why you should schedule your fitting appointment with your audiologist or hearing aid specialist. Let’s unpack each one.

Customized Comfort & Wearability

Perhaps the most obvious reason to attend your hearing aid fitting appointment is comfort. This isn’t just physical, although they will adjust the hearing aid as much as possible to ensure they are not causing any pain or irritation. Since you will probably soon be wearing your new hearing aids all day, you don’t want them to be causing any kind of discomfort. This will discourage you from using them, which prevents you from benefitting from their assistance.

If you have invested in custom-fitted hearing aids, this appointment gives your hearing aid specialist the opportunity to fine-tune your fit. This is especially important for in-the-ear or in-the-canal hearing aids, where making any adjustments on your own can be very difficult. Your audiologist can assess your unique ear anatomy and use their knowledge and experience to ensure that things are precisely as they should be. 

Your hearing aid specialist will also test and adjust your hearing aid’s setting to make sure that the volumes are comfortable for you. They’ll play you a variety of sounds in order to determine whether you are hearing comfortably or if any adjustments need to be made. They also check that your sound experience matches the hearing aid’s settings. A hearing aid that overamplifies sounds for your level of hearing loss can make even ordinary sounds uncomfortably loud and even distressing. The right balance must be struck so that both soft and loud sounds are processed correctly.

This process brings us to the next benefit of a proper hearing aid fitting – clarity.

Creating Clarity: Optimal Sound Quality & Performance

When they run their tests, your audiologist or hearing aid specialist is checking more than the volume. They’ll assess the overall functioning of the hearing aid and optimize the settings to give you the best possible sound quality. Crystal clear sound is attainable – if you have the know-how to achieve it.

Achieving the best possible sound clarity goes beyond the internal hearing aid settings. A secure placement that is correctly aligned and creates a proper seal in the ear will go a long way to improving your hearing experience. It helps to prevent feedback, distortion, and sound leakage. Any noise-reduction features your hearing aid might have will function best if the device is correctly placed within the ear.

If your hearing aids include directional microphones, your hearing aid specialist can check that they are correctly positioned to give you the clearest sound possible, even when you’re conversing in a noisy environment. Testing your hearing aids while you’re wearing them is the best way to ensure that you’re receiving the world loud and clear.

The Benefits of Communication Confidence

The final benefit of well-fitted hearing aids that this blog will cover is the least tangible and yet the most important: confidence. The ability to hear yourself and others clearly is essential for good verbal communication. When your hearing aids are comfortable in your ears, and your hearing specialist has ensured that you are hearing clearly, you can walk into social situations without fear or anxiety. 

Hearing loss tends to make people withdraw, as navigating a world that isn’t clear is frustrating and takes a lot of energy. Hearing loss makes some people feel like their world is shrinking. With the support of properly fitted hearing aids, the world opens up for you once again. When you can communicate clearly without thinking about it, you can get back to living your life on your terms.

Discover the Three C’s With a Hearing Aid Fitting at HearWell Services

Comfort. Clarity. Confidence. All three can be yours once you tap into the expertise of one of our hearing aid specialists. Your appointment may take up to two hours, but it’s time well spent – preventing pain and getting the best use out of your hearing aids is certainly worth the investment. 

Ensuring that your hearing aids are fitting correctly is the key to unlocking the powerful positive impact they can have on your life. Your hearing aid specialist will also teach you how to take care of your device properly, ensuring that it has a long and effective life. Schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists or hearing aid specialists today.